The goal of our association is to provide a safe and productive environment that enables children to learn and apply the principles of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. We facilitate the development of strength and character in every child that participates. Participation in our association is open to all boys and girls ages 4 - 17 in the Carthage, Texas area

We are sustained by the efforts of volunteers who display an extraordinary amount of commitment and hard work, ensuring that our association is a positive influence in the lives of our children. We also strive to provide a service to our community by providing a healthy outlet for children, opportunities for the community to gather together, and endless hours of entertainment..

Referees Needed  

Get chance for young and old to earn weekend money and be involved with community!

Our coaches

We will continue to give the best possible product at the best price to give the kids of Panola County the opportunity to play organized soccer.

Registration Cost  $65

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Carthage Soccer Association 

Breaking NEWS

The season is about to get started, don't forget to register!! Come out and enjoy the games... located at the end of Ball Park Road Carthgae,TX!

How many players and coaches this season!!

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Coaches Needed 

Great way to spend time with young minds and do something special!